Tuesday, 7 February 2012

a long talk..

hari ni lepas keje..
duduk lepak kt sofa..
borak ngan housemate..
our life were so busy few weeks ago..
yes we meet everyday..
but u know
we never had a chance to chat

then kitorg borak pasal keje...
our life... people's life..
then smpi la ke crite about one of our senior
sgt cantik.. very educated.. baik.. alim.. seems so perfect..
(i dunno she's still single tho)
duh!! mcm pelik je..
this girl.. so perfect.. she''ll get whoever she want
but still didn't get married
and last two days
she sincerely accept one proposal from someone
from super super junior

i amazed
sometimes.. i wish i can be like her..
u know
terima seadanya, not thinking too much, redha
if not
all this story won't ended
i am so paranoid
when my mom, my friend
start to match me with anyone
i'll become so scared
i'll think too much

aku slalu ckp kt mak aku
xyah la knal2 kan..
takkan jadi nyer
bley tak suh jer laki tu pinang jer?
then my mom laughed
'aper ko igt ko siti nurhaliza?'

agak la..
poyo je

p/s : how can i love when im afraid to fall?

sesuai plak lyric christina perri ni utk post aku.. hee~

and all along i believed i would find you
time has brought your heart to me
i have loved you for a thousand years

1 comment:

Cik Un said...

=)))) akak pon terime seadanyerrrr... not worth waiting n sacrifice everything 4 8 years then tibe2 de ase de xtahan lg ngan ko...eventho de yg wt taik sbnrnyer...terime je org yg betol2 nk ckp...would u be my wife??? =)))

sume bende pon akan ade dugaan n cabaran..jd redha n bersabarlah...