Saturday, 27 August 2011

It's not easy to make me hate someone.

I can tolerate your lack of punctuality.

I can tolerate you being a bother

I can tolerate the messes you constantly make.

I can tolerate your ineffeciency.

I can tolerate you not listening to me.

I can tolerate you testing my patience all the time.

I can tolerate you invading my privacy.

I can tolerate you doing exactly the opposite of what I tell you.

I can tolerate a lot of things from you for which I have zero tolerance for with others but the one thing I can’t tolerate with you is when you don’t respect me. When you don’t address me in the manner I deserve to be addressed. When I can’t talk you even with just one statement without being disrespected. When whatever I say or do becomes a joke to you, that’s when I lose my patience fully.

Don’t expect me to talk to you because in doing so, only I know how much I’m being hurt. You don’t deserve my patience, or my kindness or my persistence. Not even Allah helps the one who doesn’t help himself so what should I bother?

Screw you. Do whatever you want, it’s officially none of my concern anymore.

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