Monday, 27 December 2010

why is it always have to be about you?

yes. i'm hurt.
do you care?
duhh.. why am i asking this question?
i already know the answer.
it always been about you.
you think you care enough for me?
think again.
you DON'T even KNOW who i truly am.
huh! think again.
it has been ages.
stop it.
am tired of taking care of your heart.
where no one is taking care of me.
but then, you never realise how much i care for you.
you know why?
because you DON'T see me.
everyone else is better than me.
i've never been good enough for you to actually look at me.
just ignore this.
since am NOTHING to you.
am just a messy, emo, stone-hearted girl rite?